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Party Fountain Rental Tips

Which Kind of Fountain Rentals is Essential for your Party?

Renting a party fountain, either it is a chocolate or champagne fountain can make the party the talk of the year. Little care while arranging the party fountain can your event even successful.

You can hire these fountains from Classe Party:

  1. Chocolate fountain

    Chocolate fountain can pamper your guests with an uninterrupted flow of liquid rich chocolate to dint the most delightful indulgences such as fruit kabobs, strawberries, angel food squares, marshmallows, Biscotti and shortbread. There are endless possibilities to list.

    Always, the selection of a chocolate fountain is a beautiful attraction for the guests at even the most sophisticated parties.

    It is not a good idea to buy your own chocolate fountain; the best idea is to rent one, because it is not the item that you use most often. You will only use the fountain for big events that happen very occasionally.

    When you add chocolate directly on the fountain, the internal heater will melt the chocolate. Our Classe Party Rentals offers you fountains of three sizes, such as: 3 gal, 5 gal, and 7 gal.

    While going to consider the size of chocolate fountain, figure out the number of guests attending the party. Large sized chocolate fountains can cater up to 700 guests and the medium ones are for 300 guests. Check the equipment carefully before confirming the agreement.

  2. Champagne fountain

    Renting champagne fountains can make the party or any other special event incredible. Champagne fountains can add a touch of ambience and class to your event. You can serve various types of drinks such as: sodas, champagne, punch, sparkling cider and also hot drinks in small unit.

    Fountains can even be used as decorative units. The look and feel we got when placed on the table as a centerpiece is really great to explain.

    Whether you are throwing a small, intimate gathering or an all-out extravaganza, renting the fountain can make the event unforgettable.

  3. Punch bowls

    Punch bowls can be used in three different ways: for punch, as a wine bottle cooler (simply place the wine bottle rack in the bowl), and as a large shrimp cocktail server (place the shrimp rack in the bowl).

    Usually, there are three different kinds of punch bowls, such as: ceramic punch bowls, metal punch bowls, and glass punch bowls. Consider one of these for your upcoming event to make it a memorable event of the year.

    If you have any queries regarding renting these punch fountains, you can contact us at (909) 944-5756 or visit us at