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Tent and Canopy Rental Guide

Renting Wedding Reception Canopy Tent Guide

Want to rent canopies for your big upcoming event? Renting a canopy will give you wide range of options from which you can choose. Rental canopy tents are an exceptionally versatile shelter for backyard and outdoor events.

Colorful party canopy tent rentals will create a fun atmosphere and also give a decorative panache to an ordinary environment.

If you are worried about the sun factor, you will be glad to know that all of these canopies come with special material that offers a really good UV blocking capability.

Canopies and party tents will make it possible for you to divide your outdoor space into different areas; you could have one or more canopies for food and beverage, another or more for opening gifts, in case of an event where gifts are involved, or for setting up the music center.

Whether it is a child's birthday party in your backyard, a flea market set up, an exhibition, or a trade show – renting the tent can be the best solution. Renting the canopy tents will give you wide range of options in designs, shades, colors and sizes.

You can easily set up the rental canopy tents. They are sturdy enough so that they don’t easily give away to the wind. The general size of a canopy tent is 10x10.

Here are few types of rental canopies that are especially suitable for an entertaining evening:

Pop-up canopy tent:

Pop-up canopies are smallest of all the canopy tents. It is suitable for highlighting the focal points such as bar, BBQ, food table, and display units. These canopies can also be suitable for highlighting a special eating area. These tents provide both mobility and stability.

Wonderful benefits of pop-up canopies include: it is easy to transport and quick to setup. They are inexpensive. The light structure of the pop-up canopies doesn’t overwhelm your backyard. These can be found in various colors that can match with your party theme.

Garden party canopy:

They look stylish and elegant. Garden party canopy tents take center stage. They are more suitable for casual parties and more formal gatherings. Due to this reason, they are very much popular for evening parties and outdoor wedding receptions.

You will find these rental canopies in various colors. Unique feature of these tents is mesh curtains. These are attractively tied at the corners, and can be unfolded and zipped together to form airy sidewalls. These are perfect for sun, insects and wind protection.

Open party tent:

These tents are somewhat bigger than pop-up canopies. The usual size of these tents starts from 10' x 10'. But your design choices here go well beyond the simple rectangle of the pop-up tents. Various styles, designs, shapes and colors can add more creativity and style to your gathering.

Walled party tents:

These tents are another option for celebrating events and parties at outdoors. These are enclosed canopies, which create great protection from rain and wind. Also these tents give a sense of intimacy to a small group.

Usually, walled party canopy rentals feature a white cover, peaked in the center for maximum height, with material from crown to the ground on all the four sides. These tents give maximum protection from sun. These are effective in shielding guests and food from the wind.

Frame Tent:

A frame tent has a metal frame and has no center poles.

Pole Tent:

It is a heavy-duty tent supported by poles around the perimeter and in the center. Pole tents are great shelters against most bad weather conditions.

Most of the canopy rentals come with one or more plastic windows that give lighting and viewing. Also, you can remove the sidewalls when everything is perfect with the weather conditions or to allow your guests to move about freely. The usual size 10' x 10’ provides plenty of room to set up few tables or an improvised dance floor.

Our Classe Party Rentals offer a wide selection of tent shapes and sizes, as well. The variety makes finding the ideal tent for your needs so much easier. Choose a custom shape, star shade, peak pole or pop up canopy tent to throw a party in a unique and engaging manner.

The tent structure can also be customized to fit your needs. In addition to fabric color, it is possible to choose between full and half walls. You can even choose aluminum or steel construction. Quite literally, we offer tent options as unique as your needs.