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Party Catering Equipment Rental Guide

What Kind of Catering Equipment to Hire For Your Party?

Catering needs a good deal of planning and preparation. Availability of great range of party catering equipment rentals will make your work easy. You will find a wide range of catering equipment in today’s market.

Here is some essential catering equipment you should consider for any kind of event:


Refrigeration is very much essential to maintain food safety and hygiene. You will get refrigeration in various ways, such as walk in refrigerators, standard refrigerators, display cases, and obviously freezers.

Commonly, walk in refrigerators are found in kitchen areas to serve for large group of people. Basically, these fridges are rooms, in which you will have a range of shelving units. You can store food in these units to maintain fresh.

You can use display cases in order to show items like cream cakes or ice creams near the guests to serve them easily.

Cooking devices:

Cooking devices are important items among all pieces of catering equipment. Consider renting cooking devices based on what kind of food you want to arrange at your party. Consider renting high quality cookers and microwaves.

If you want to put something delicious, you can consider renting items like griddles and Panini grills.

Ice chest:

Ice chests are important items to keep the food fresh and drinks cool. Depending on your guest list, you can rent the ice chest because they vary in sizes and models. You can rent either glass, plastic or metal ice chest. Ice chest keeps beverages and perishables cold for hours.

Sneeze guard:

It is great for buffet tables. These are used to protect food from bacteria and viruses spread by the guests’ sneezes and coughs. Sneeze guard is made to block and prevent droplets coming from the guests’ mouth.

Size and angles will depend on the serving table’s height and width and whether the rental serving table is accessible by one side or both.

Burner stove:

Great for high end outdoor kitchen or big parties. Burner stoves are essential for outdoor cooking and are the most important among the catering supplies. Consider renting propane stoves as they are safer than many other options because the fuel comes from the pressurized tank as a vapor rather than a liquid; and the tanks are sealed eliminating the risk of fire, spillage and smells. They are cheaper to rent when compared to liquid fuel stoves.


Partying with BBQ is a great way to enjoy outdoors. Arranging a BBQ party is just setting a grill outdoors and spinning the burgers. You can easily rent barbeque from any party catering equipment rental store. Before considering renting BBQ, make sure that it is in good condition; otherwise all your food will be spoiled.

Pancake griddle:

The most important thing while considering catering equipment rentals is renting the equipment to arrange snack items. With this, you can arrange a variety of food in your party. Not only it is used to prepare pancakes, also you can prepare eggs, steaks, burgers, fish, French toast, etc. The griddle was made just for making pancakes, that's how perfect it is.

You can rent either electric or cast iron pancake griddle. For electric griddle, the most important features are that the griddle has a draining system. Classic cast iron pancake griddle has heavy and well made pans spread heat very evenly allowing your pancakes and other food to cook thoroughly which is very important.

Electric salad bars:

Salads are the perfect summer meal and renting salad bars is most important among the catering equipment. If you are throwing a party during summer holidays, consider renting electric salad bar. Be creative and make sure that all the ingredients are all cut and prepared beforehand. Contact the rental supplier to find the right set-up.

Steam Table:

It is useful to keep the foods warm. Food warmers are the essential catering equipment that can be considered for any kind of party. It has a metal top with compartments heated by steam or hot water below.

Deep Fryer:

If you want to arrange deep fried foods, you can consider renting deep fryer. You should know that different fryers work in different ways. One thing that you should remember while considering this kind of catering equipment rentals is the size of the fryer that you will rent and how much food can be able to fit inside. This depends on how much food you want for your guests.

Altosham Food Warmer:

It features the Halo Heat system to provide a gentle, radiant heat source for your food. This is to hold rotisserie and prepared food products. This food warmer can keep the cooked food up to 8 hours without drying out. The food warmer with unique Halo Heat system gradually surrounds food to keep the moisture. It has lighted display as well as variable thermostat.

Commercial Convection Oven:

Convection ovens use a fan to move hot air around the cavity. When compared with a standard oven, this reduces cold air spaces around the food, allowing you to cook larger batches more evenly and efficiently. Consider the type and quantity of foods you will be cooking or baking before renting an oven.

Before considering catering equipment to hire for your party, consider the types of foods you will be cooking and whether or not you will really need a convection oven. These are little bit expensive to rent when compared to standard ovens.