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Flatware Rental Tips

Right Party Flatware Rental Choice Make Your Dinner Party More Elegant

Flatware rentals can ease your work of throwing a dinner party. Nowadays, there are various kinds of flatware available at the rental stores, so it is difficult to find what variety to rent for your upcoming event. Flatware comes in varying designs and patterns and several types of metals.

Usually a wedding party flatware rental set commonly comprises a salad fork, a dinner fork, a dinner spoon, a soup spoon, and a teaspoon. Try to impress your guests with a beautiful presentation of flatware.

Before going to consider flatware rentals, here are few facts that you should remember:

Quality of flatware:

Before placing the order, ensure that the flatware you are going to rent is of top quality. Quality of flatware rentals can be decided based on its strength, thickness, style, artisanship, attractiveness and balance. Finally, the right style can fit comfortably in your guests’ hands.

Make your choice – Stainless steel or sterling silverware?

Stainless steel is hard and tough and of course it is the superior choice for flatware rentals. It is durable, hygienic and resists oxidation even in high temperatures.

Silverware gives a more classic look to your event. The beauty of the dinner party can largely enhanced by the quality of the wares that are kept in it. Renting silverware sets can definitely become the focal point. Sterling silverware is most expensive among the varieties of silverware available.

Also, there are other less expensive variants such as silver plated, plastic, and ceramic flatware. You can use these items of flatware serve both utilitarian and decorative purposes.

Style of the flatware:

Frankly speaking, there is no best style or pattern. It is totally your personal choice. To get a more contemporary look, you can choose matte finished flatware. Selecting ornate and highly polished designs can give more classic and formal look. Rent patterns and styles that suit everyone.

Select flatware that match with your china:

Most of the people would not dare to have knives, spoons, and forks that didn’t perfectly match with their china pattern, while some others believe it doesn’t really matter. Basically, there is no wrong or right when it comes to matching the two.

It is totally your personal choice that relates to your style. When all the things are matched, then it will give classic look to your dinner party. Even though if the things are not matched, then also it will add a little personal style to the look of your table. For example, mixing and matching the clothes gives a unique look.

Consider the weight:

Most of the people forget about the weight of the flatware while renting. Weight gives you a more considerable feel. Also, a heavier set can give you better strength, balance, and durability. But, renting heavier set is not always the best choice. You should keep all the aspects of good flatware rentals in mind while making the selection. Try to find the best deals.

Arranging flatware for a buffet style dinner:

Carefully arranged buffet is an efficient and inviting way to serve larger number of guests. Placement of flatware is even more important for a buffet style dinner party. You should place flatware strategically and conveniently to accommodate your guests.

  1. Keep the flatware separately that is needed for main buffet. When your guests first approach the table, they take only salad, some bread and some main dishes. They only need a fork and butter knife for this initial course.
  2. If you are serving soup, you should arrange the soup spoons readily available to your guests. Place the soup spoons with handle side up, inside a stainless-steel cup. Also, use a coffee mug or a short vase to get decorative feel.
  3. Place the main course utensil bundle at the end of the main buffet table. Stack the bundles up on top of a serving tray or inside a bin.
  4. Properly arrange the dessert spoons and forks. You can arrange dessert utensils in two ways. You can place the dessert utensils on the dessert table with the handle-side down. If you are placing the dessert on individual dessert plates, then you can place the fork or spoon on the dessert plate.
  5. If you are providing coffee, don’t forget to place coffee spoons over the top of the cup and saucer.

Arranging flatware for a sit-down dinner party:

For a sit-down dinner party, you can create a more stunning presentations and control food portions. For this pre-planning is essential.

  1. Use good china as your most serving pieces.
  2. Give enough table space for your guests to sit and have their dinner.
  3. If it is a large table, don’t arrange more than 6-8 plates per table. If it is smaller one, 4 plates are enough.
  4. Pack the set of flatware in napkins to place at each plate, such as desert flatware in one napkin, main course flatware in one napkin, soup flatware in another, and so on.
  5. Place all the sets in an ordered fashion so that your guests can easily recognize and use them.