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Concession Equipment Rental Tips

Concession Equipment Rentals to Add a Flavored Touch to Your Event

Are you looking for concession supplies for your next event? Yes, concessions can add a flavored touch to your event. There is a great list of concessions & supplies that you can consider renting.

Here is the list of concession equipment that Classe party rentals offer you:

  1. Popcorn Popper

    Popcorn machine is one of the most important concession equipment to rent. Popcorn is a perfect snack that everyone likes to eat. Because of its natural goodness and perfect texture, popcorn-in itself-provides satisfaction as a snack. Its organic nature, and taste arousing aroma are what attract people to snack upon. Popcorn machine adds pop to your party.

    Search for concession rental stores that offer you popcorn popper to satisfy your needs. Rental stores really have bigger commercial grade machines that crank out the popcorn product.

    You can also rent a popcorn product that comes in all variety of flavors such as kettle, cheese, or carmel corn. All these absolutely taste well and add extra look to your party. Also, you can rent cart for the popcorn machine to get the feel more authentic.

    The characteristics of popcorn machine are measured by the amount of popcorn they pop in one cycle. Usually, each cycle takes about 3 minutes.

  2. Cotton candy machine

    Want to supply cotton candy in your next event? First and foremost thing is do not jump at the first advertisement you see. Search online so that you will find best prices and deals. This cotton candy machine makes 4- 1 oz servings per minute and over 100 oz. of Cotton Candy per hour.

    Cotton candy is one of the classic treats that anyone loves to eat. Usually, people love candy because of its sugary taste, furry texture and the pleasure of eating it off the stick.

    To set up the cotton candy machine, you need to arrange a table or counter that is sturdy and stable. Apart from renting cotton candy machine, you need to purchase cotton candy sugar, cones and bags.

    Renting the cotton candy machine costs anywhere between $40 to $60, based on the quality of the machine.

  3. Snow cone machine

    Snow cone machines are a great way to keep your guests cooled off and sugared up during the warm summer months. They are a great evocative concessions & supplies to have at your party.

    You can rent a standard snow cone machine at most concession party rental stores in your area. Snow cone machines should be commercial grade when you are renting them.

    There is a varied range of snow cone flavors. They come in blue raspberry, cherry, lime, strawberry watermelon, and various other flavors. Renting snow cone machines can make your guests chilled throughout the party. Make sure to rent one for your upcoming party and have a successful and cool summer party in your backyard.

  4. Nacho Machine

    Nachos spice up any of your events. This is the most popular Mexican food and cheap party food for any kind of event. Most of the concession supply stores have nacho machines in their inventory available to rent.

    Nacho cheese dispensers are one of the cheapest rental products. While going to rent a nacho machine, make sure to get enough supplies to feed all your guests. They are the easy, no-mess way to spice up a Mexican-themed party!

  5. Hot dog roller

    It is one of the most popular pieces of hot dog equipment. Using hot dog roller can make your work easy for preparing hot dogs and sauces. There is a varied range of hot dog rollers with different types and sizes. Based on your guest list, you can rent various sizes of hot dog rollers. It can be easily used by anyone. Hot dog roller can provide tasty hot dogs and sausages that are cooked to perfection.

    It is the most popular hot dog equipment because most of the people love to eat grilled food. If your guest list is too large, then hot dog rollers can satisfy all your needs.

  6. Hot dog steamer

    Using hot dog steamer is a most compact way to serve delicious hot dogs for any kind of event. It is best to consider renting large steamer than a smaller one. The steamer comes with separate water pan and heat control, which makes it a more efficient product.

  7. Hot dog rotisserie

    Rotisserie is a best way to cook over 50 hot dogs at one time. Also, most rotisseries come with a bun warmer, holding up to 40 buns at once.

    Your choice of concession equipment rental depends upon your budget, restrictions, sizes and volume requirements.