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Party Chair Rental Guide

Different Types of Party Chair Rental Options!

Do you need seating for your event? If yes, then you need to decide about the type of event before considering any kind of chairs. If the event is a large scale event like wedding, then it is best to hire the chairs from reputable wedding party chair rentals in your area. You will have various options to choose from, such as folding chairs, aluminum chairs, plastic chairs, banquet chairs, and chiavari chairs.

Here are few things to remember before considering chair rentals:

  1. Folding chairs

    Usually folding chairs are made of wood and metal. Folding chairs are very versatile. They are easy to transport to any destination as they fold-up easily.

    Wood folding chairs provide excellent seating for your guests whether it is a wedding event, graduation ceremony, reception, banquets or other special occasion.

    Considering wood folding chairs give natural and sophisticated look for your celebration. Also, they are perfect for outdoor events such as garden, beach and lawn parties. Wood folding chairs come in variety of finishes and contemporary designs. Wood folding chairs are available in black, white, and natural colors.

    Are you planning to increase the decoration of your party with some fancy as well as durable furniture? Then simply consider metal folding chairs, it is a good way to contribute towards the party decoration. Metal folding chairs are perfect choice for your group seating needs.

    You will find metal folding chairs in white, black, beige, brown, gray, and a number of other colors and tinges to match any decoration. These chairs offer excellent back support and seat for maximum comfort. These chairs are completely comfortable and totally stylish. These chairs when decorated using beautiful chair covers and sashes can even enhance the beauty of the event.

  2. Aluminum chairs

    Aluminum chairs seem to pop up everywhere, from open-air concerts to outdoor weddings. They are lightweight and easy to transport.

    If you want to get folding chairs for a one-off event such as an outdoor wedding or family reunion, you may not have to buy folding chairs at all. The standard aluminum folding chairs can be quite an investment, so it may be better to contact local rental centers or catering services chair rentals. Make sure chairs are in acceptable shape and appropriate for the event.

    Quality folding chairs should have smooth working mechanisms and provide a sense of security. Never rent the chairs without first inspecting each for damage.

  3. Plastic chairs

    Considering plastic chair rentals for a big event can save more and more money instead of renting other chairs. These chairs are great, lightweight and comfortable. Also, you will find plastic chairs in modern styles and colors.

    If you have a small decorating budget, these seats can be the perfect solution. Make a figure of how many chairs you want and then decide the color and style.

    Plastic chairs for weddings are easy to clean, stackable and also come with vinyl-upholstered seats.

  4. Banquet chairs

    Banquet chairs are crucial for the success of any event. Nevertheless, can you visualize a conference, wedding or bar mitzvah without the banquet chairs?

    Banquet chairs are available in variety of styles and materials. Most of the banquet chairs are made of either wood or metal and come in either a folding or stackable style. While considering banquet chairs for your event, it is essential to consider the below choices:

    1. Banquet chairs are more expensive to consider for running a large event. If you want to run an event within the budget, it is better to rent metal folding banquet chairs.
    2. If you want to rent more comfortable chairs, it is better to consider chairs with plastic seats/backs and metal frames. These hybrid chairs are more comfortable than all-metal chairs. Plastic backs and seats are flexible and better able to contour to a person’s body.
    3. If you want to rent stylish, comfortable and attractive chairs, it is better to consider folding wood banquet chairs, but they are little bit expensive. These are the nicest looking folding banquet chairs that you can rent.
    4. For maximum flexibility and comfort, you can also consider stackable banquet chairs. They come in wide variety of styles and they can be quite nice looking. Considering stackable chair rentals is little bit more expensive than folding chair rentals.
    5. Versatility is a must. Renting chairs should be able to accommodate indoor or outdoor settings and virtually any type or theme of banquet.
    6. The chairs should be nice in appearance. The visual appeal of the banquet hall is central to the theme of the event.
  5. Chiavari chairs

    Chiavari chairs are one of the most popular seats for special events and occasions and they have replaced the most traditional chair. Not only they are good for high profile entertainment events, also they are increasingly more popular for weddings and business events.

    These are beautiful chairs with no arms. They look elegant, practical and are affordable to rent. They are the smart selection for any kind of event whether you want 30 chairs or 500 chairs.

    They come in an array of colors including clear, brown, mahogany, silver, gold, black and white. Usually, each chiavari chair can range $5-$10 to rent. Compared to other chairs, renting chiavari chairs is little more expensive. But, they offer more elegant look to your celebration. Absolutely they look stunning.

    Gold chiavari chairs look beautiful for any kind of wedding. White chiavari chairs are good for winter weddings. Silver chiavari chairs are the most popular choice with metallic finish. To add elegance to your event, they may be the right choice.

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