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Outdoor Garden Party Rental Ideas

Outdoor Garden Party Rental Ideas from Classe

Are you planning for an outdoor event? Whether it is from a simple party to an elegant wedding, you want your guests protected from the natural elements. Then it is better to consider outdoor garden party rentals.

For this, you need to consider renting some outdoor party equipment, such as:
  • Party tents for protection from sun
  • Umbrellas to ward off potential showers
  • Heaters or coolers based on the time of the year
  • Proper lighting equipment
  • Proper seating arrangements
  • Music or dance equipment to make your guests entertained throughout the party
  • Last but not the least that is well arranged foods and drinks

Here is how important it is to rent the above mentioned outdoor & garden party supplies:

  1. Party tents

    When it comes to choose your outdoor party tent rentals, first you need to decide what kind of tent you want to rent. Basically party tents come in three different types, such as: Fully enclosed, partially enclosed and open.

    Open party tents act as just a roof for shade and shielding from bad weather. Fully enclosed party tents have walls that serve to keep the noise, guests and party sights inside the tent only. These tents divide your party location from outside world and give privacy.

    Partially enclosed party tents have drapes around the corners from one third to half the height of the tent, and serve to break wind and provide extra shade while still allowing plenty of open space. All the three choices are good based upon your needs.

  2. Garden umbrellas

    Both the market umbrellas and patio umbrellas are great options for celebrating outdoor parties as they are big and can easily offer a wider range of shade to more people at one time. Also their flexibility allows you to move and set up at angles that you intended.

    Though, if you feel that buying these garden umbrellas just for a few outdoor parties is too costly for you or you are definitely need more than one umbrella, you can easily rent them from your local outdoor party equipment supplier.

    Usually, party rentals cater shades for large outdoor events and parties. So, renting out some garden umbrellas will be a good solution to make your event successful.

  3. Heaters or coolers

    Outdoor party heater rentals are a tool that looks similar to a tall thin mushroom. These heaters use bottled propane gas by means of an umbrella shaped heating element at the top of the stand.

    The shape of this heating element forces the heat down and it pleasantly warms up the area around it. They are portable and easy to move. These outdoor heaters give you the option to throw a great outdoor get together anytime.

    When you are throwing a party during the warm summer, it is essential to consider the coolers to keep your guests comfortable throughout the party. You can either consider air conditioning units or evaporative cooling systems.

    Remember that a stand-up party needs more cooling than a sit-down party. Evaporative systems throughout more air than the air conditioning units.

  4. Lighting rentals

    Outdoor party lighting rentals is important for safety reasons. Be creative when you consider lighting scheme for your event. You can use lights that are specific designed for parties or you can use other types of outdoor lighting.

    There are a number of different types of lightening you can use for your party. The lights which you need to rent will depend on the style of party you are throwing. If your party includes older people and children, then the party needs to be more brightly lit for safety reasons. Monochromatic Christmas lights are the perfect choice for outdoor parties.

  5. Seating arrangements

    Folding chair rentals are very versatile for any outdoor party. You can rent metal or wood folding chairs. Renting these chairs is great if you are planning a nice family reunion and need plenty of seats or if you are planning a holiday meal where the entire family will be gathered together.

    Considering chair rentals is great for holding graduation parties, and even at a fair or festival to either sit down or watch an event.

  6. Music and dance equipment

    Consider renting a good DJ mixer or sound system for your party. It is important to note that a good renting a karaoke machine that has enough sound quality to play your own CDs during times when other party activities are being enjoyed. Karaoke machine needs special purchase of karaoke CDs. So, ask your rental provider whether they will provide CDs or not.

    Dancing make your party little more lively. Dance floor hire isn't expensive and it's a good idea to consider it if you're short on entertainments for your party. Everyone enjoys the party by dancing. Party dance floor rentals will always go down well no matter what age group your party is for.