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Outdoor Party Heaters and Coolers Rental Tips

Outdoor Party Heaters and Coolers Rental Tips

Want to make your winter or summer party a memorable event of the year? Want to take the chill and heat out of the night? Then consider heaters and air conditioning rentals to keep your guests comfortable.

Keep your guests comfortable in any weather. Options range from patio heaters, pole mounted fans, and pedestal fans to more elaborate heating and cooling systems.

Keeping your guests warm:

Consider renting outdoor heaters to ward off the cold on chilly nights. Specifically these heaters are used for outdoors, but not for indoors. The fuel used in these equipment must not be confined in enclosures and should have proper ventilation.

It is very important to note that though these heaters are portable, they should not be moved from their location while in use. These heaters can be adjusted to emit just the right quantity of heat to create an otherwise chilly evening on your deck or yard perfectly comfortable. As the heaters are portable, they are perfect to use for any beach party or any other outdoor events.

There are three types of outdoor heaters you can consider for renting:

  • Propane convention heater: This kind of heater heats the cold air from down and carry the heated air top and spreads it across the area to be heated that is simply hot air goes up and cold air goes down.

    This looks like a tall skinny mushroom. These types of heaters use bottled propane gas that has an umbrella shaped heating element at the upper part of its stand and is around 80-90 inches high. These propane outdoor heaters give you the option to throw a great outdoor get together anytime during the winter.

  • Forced air heater: This kind of heater contains an electric powered fan that drives the heater air into its surroundings. Forced air heater spreads heat faster when compared to a convention heater, but consumes more electric power.
  • Infrared outdoor heater: It is most perfect to use in wind-driven or breezy environments. This can maintain heating capacity even through moving air. This kind of heater employs a reflective cover that can refocus the heat downwards to the encompassing area. You can find this in various styles and designs.

Keeping your guests cool:

Keeping your guests comfortable till the end of the party is very much important. Nobody remembers your great party food or fabulous DJ, if the environment inside the party is uncomfortable to the guests. The only thing your guests will remember is sweating or freezing and being miserable throughout the event.

When the party’s environment is too hot, you have two cooling options to beat the heat.

Air conditioners to give maximum cooling:

If your party location is in the area where humidity is very high, an air conditioner works effectively to remove the moisture from the air. The number of air conditioners you want depends on the area of your party. Using air conditioners with refrigerants can lower the temperature by 30-40 degrees.

Evaporative systems:

These are less expensive to rent. They throw more air than air conditioners and also at greater distances. They can lower the temperature by 10-15 degrees. If it is a stand-up party, then it needs more cooling than a sit-down party. Consider renting any of these equipment based on your needs.