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Wedding Party Lighting Tips

Party Lights and Lighting Rental Tips To Spark Up The Event

Want to add some lighting to your upcoming event? Nothing spices up your event other than some well positioned party lights. You can use party lights indoors or outdoors.

Whether dim or twinkly, bold or subtle, funky or classy these outdoor party lights can make a big statement and really add a celebrity feel to any outdoor event. For this just consider light rentals.

Considering outdoor party lights and lighting rentals as part of the lighting scheme for your party can create the festive environment. You will find wide variety of outdoor party lights at rental store. You can get rope lights, globe lights, spot lights, quartz lights, twinkle lights, chandelier lights, etc.

These lights can really set the party mood. These lights are also available in white, colored or multi-colored options. Spreading the lights around the trees can add little style to your party. Get rope lights to line the pathways or you can also use curtain lights at the party entrance.

So, if you are going to hold an outdoor event, consider light rentals of various options. Try to choose something that will add style and brighten up your outdoor event location.

Here are the light rental options that our Classeparty offer you:

Globe party lights:

Globe party light bulbs and party light strings are ideal for decorating parties, weddings and tent events. Globe bulbs have unique shape that is instead of traditional pear shape, they almost look like a perfect globe. These lights offer you wonderful ambience lighting.

You can use these lights indoors or outdoors. No assembly is required. The bulbs come already screwed into the light strand so you just have to hang them up.

Globe party light strings with white cord and pearl white bulbs are popularly used as wedding light strings. You can even try them at wedding decorations and other great occasions with the white cord/clear bulb string lights.

If you want to have pearly sheen ambience at the event, Pearl white bulbs can add that. These bulbs can offer unique feel when compared to the conventional flat white color. Also, the satin multi bulbs have a shiny finish. You can use clear and multi-colored party lights for birthday parties, festivals or any other special events.

Spot lights:

These lights are a great addition to any outdoor party lighting scheme. Considering these light rentals provide high lighting for pathways and provide various forms ambience. Effective use of these lights can be dramatic or simply functional.

Spot lights narrow down the focus of illumination and target a small area of illumination. So, choose the type of light rentals you want by the purpose you want to serve. These lights are very effective for outdoor parties held at night.

With careful usage of these lights can serve a dual purpose. The proper use of these lights can act as a safety feature and also act as a form of decoration. You can use the spotlights to highlight the pathways, food areas, entry and exit ways. Position the spot lights that can give crossed light beams which give a nice effect.

Quartz lights:

Quartz halogen light rentals are widely seen around because of their versatility and efficacy. They are brighter and thus hotter than your ordinary light bulbs. So, these party lights are great addition for your winter parties. Quartz-halogen lamps are often an excellent choice for outdoor or indoor events. In addition to providing bright lighting, their design can be dramatically modern.

Rope lights:

Rope light is an indoor or outdoor product that is extremely versatile and capable of producing a wide range of effects. These party lights have a special role in accentuating the important features within your party, wedding receptions and formal or corporate events.

Rope party lights are special type of illuminative lights which consist of a series of micro-bulbs, spaced about one inch apart inside a clear or colored flexible plastic cord.

Twinkle lights:

Nothing else creates just the right atmosphere like twinkle lights. They're the perfect addition to any space. If your event is in your home garden, then make your garden stunning with the addition of twinkle lights along a stone pathway, pooled at the base of a large container filled with fragrant flowers, or adorning benches, fences, decks, and gazebos.

Chandelier Lights:

Renting chandelier lights can offers a great look that everyone likes. The brightness that it provides is enough to lighten the entire place which can also expose the real beauty of your event or occasion. The design and style of chandelier lights is a perfect match for those who want an extraordinary beauty on their party. You can use a candle chandelier in a large dining space.