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Food Serving Equipment List

List of Food Serving Equipment That you need for a Beautiful Dinner Party!

Have you ever noticed whether the service staff seems to have all the right serving equipment on their buffet? It makes the guests' job of navigating the buffet that much simpler.

You can accomplish this same level of efficiency at your own party, by ensuring that you have the essential food serving equipment list that you've seen at these brunches.

Here are some essential serving pieces that you are going to consider for your next event:

Serving trays or platters:

Rent serving trays in your basic color. These platters can hold meat, sliced fruit, pasta, and many other essentials.

Coffee maker:

Coffee maker plays a big role, particularly at evening parties. There are some people who find coffee as a form of stress reliever. Renting coffee maker plays a big role especially during warm cold nights and rainy days. Choose the coffee maker based on the quality, the type and style.

Rental chafer:

There are a wide range of chafers offered to rent. Some stores may not have all types of chafers in their product inventory, but you will find the one that suits your needs. Chafers are used to hold the food and maintain it at the right serving temperature.

Usually chafers come with a water basin, a food pan and a heat source. Heat source is responsible to heat the water in the basin, which creates the steam and keeps the food warm in the pan. Usually, chafers run on a solid fuel.

Serving flatware:

A buffet with stylish flatware can be simple and chic, offering you an easy way to make your party the talk of the town. Don't be afraid to mix and match your serving pieces and flatware for a funky look. Make sure that you have lots of serving flatware for arranging the buffet dinner.

Serving baskets:

Rent serving baskets in a variety of sizes and shapes that look beautiful. Rent baskets that can hold breads, rolls or muffins.

Iced tea container:

Iced tea container is a great addition to your party, particularly in time for summer, these brewers and dispensers are wonderful.

Chafing dish and soup chafer:

These elegant soup chafer and chafing dish are functional, elegant and add a sophisticated presentation to any catering or party event.

Champagne Bucket:

Renting a champagne bucket is a clever and elegant little way to add a polished silver tone touch to your dinner table.

It is good to rent all of your serving pieces in a single solid color. This will enable you to add pieces as needed, and ensure that your display is unified. You can consider renting large bowls to hold salads, rolls, chips and anything else you think of. Rent rimless bowls to hold condiments, salad dressings, sauces, or dry snacks like candy and nuts.