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Table Rental Tips

Tips on Wedding Party Table Rentals and Supplies

Tables are the necessary item for any event. Many people search for available table rentals because linens usually cover the tables anyway. You may find it worth investigating your outdoor party table rentals options further in order to create the best event possible.

You will find tables in different styles, sizes, shapes, colors and materials. Whether you consider table rentals for wedding events, anniversary celebrations, graduation parties, company events, corporate events, or birthday parties, you need to consider few factors while deciding on the perfect tables:

Style of the rental tables: First decide what kind of tables you would like to rent. The most popular choice for table rentals is plywood folding tables, but most of the rental customers choose laminate cocktail tables also.

Shape of the rental tables: Round and rectangular tables are the most popular ones. Also, you will find of tables at table rental stores such as square, triangular and serpentine shapes. It is a best choice to use rectangular table as a head table to accommodate dining guests.

If it is a wedding event, you can use rectangular table for displaying the cake. Also, round tables work well for dining.

Sizes of the rental tables: Most common sizes of the tables include:

Shape of Table Rentals Common Dimension
Rectangular tables 6 foot by 30 inches
banquet tables 8 foot by 30 inches
Rounds tables 60- or 72-inch diameters
Half-round tables 48 or 60 inches wide
Cocktail tables 30- and 42-inch-high & diameters that measure 24, 30 or 36 inches
Large square 48-, 60- or 72-inches

Among round tables, 66-inch round tables are the most popular choice. Also, most of the supply stores offer rectangular tables in 48-inch-wide with the same table lengths.

Material of the tables: Usually, rental tables are made of plywood. But, some table rentals stores offer tables made of laminate, acrylics, aluminum, polyethylene or plastic. The beauty of acrylic or aluminum tables allows you to use them without linens.

Color of the rental tables: Usually, most of the rental tables come in natural wood grain finish. Some plastic tables can be found in white, granite, almond, slate or other finishes.

Contact our rental store for more information on available products and services to meet your party table needs. Do a search online for a party supply rental service.

Steps that show you how to rent tables and chairs for events or business meetings:

  • Make a note of how many tables of each size you are planning on renting and ask for a quote on the total.
  • Sometimes you can get a discount if you are planning on renting a large quantity of items. Ask if setup is included so you can allot for time.
  • Visit the store and look at the tables once you've narrowed down your search.
  • Then place the order and set the date of delivery. Ensure that you will have the items in time for your event.
  • Make sure the quality of items you will be renting is up to par.