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Party Chinaware Rental Tips

Party Chinaware Rentals to Get Classic Look to the Wedding Table

Some little things can make a big impression at your party, particularly when it comes to China at your event. Frankly speaking, playing a little attention to the details can help make sure that you are getting the most for your money.

China dinnerware can be very elegant addition to your party. Generally, this type of dinnerware is made of porcelain. Also, you can find them in four other materials such as: fine china, bone china, earthenware and stoneware.

Buying chinaware sets for your party can be very expensive. So, it is better to search for any of the best party chinaware rentals to get the dinnerware required for your party. Do more and more research online before going to rent china dinnerware.

Usually, when you want to rent china dinnerware for any of the events, each set consists of five pieces such as: a dinner plate, a salad plate, a bread plate, a saucer and a cup.

Usually, chinaware contains:

Bread & butter plates, coffee cups, coffee saucers, coffee mugs, snack plates, salad/dessert plates, dinner plates, luncheon plates, fruit bowls, soup bowls, gravy boat, sugar bowls, creamers, vegetable dish, slat & pepper shakers, large, medium, small and round sized platters. You can get all these products at our Classe’s inventory.

Your party looks even more beautiful when you consider matching serve-ware for china dinnerware sets. Serve-ware may include: serving platters, sugar bowl, and a gravy boat.

Usually, all the chinaware is microwave safe, unless the pieces have metal banding. After the dinner, you can safely wash them in dishwasher, but before returning the rental items, you should check them whether they are good condition or not. If any item is damaged, you will be charged with fine.

How to rent china?

  • Evaluate the size of china you want to rent. Prefer renting smaller plates instead of larger ones as they look nice on the table when it is decorated with beautiful table linens and chair covers.
  • Ask whether your catering equipment supplier offers china rental option. If the caterer provides this option, then it will cost much less than renting china separately.
  • If your caterer doesn’t offer this option, ask them where they will be renting their equipment.
  • Also think about the alternatives to china.
  • Carefully inspect the china dinnerware when it arrives at your event location or when you pick up the order from the rental store. Otherwise you will be charged additionally for any broken pieces.

Once you decide which type of china dinnerware you want to rent, search around your area for event rental store that offers you everything. Also, determine which type of look you want? That is whether you want more traditional or modern look.

These days most of the people are not just looking for colored chinaware, instead they are giving importance to the shape of the china. To get more modern look, you can consider renting square or octagon shaped items, whereas for traditional look, you can rent round shaped items.