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Wedding Party Glassware Rentals Tips

Party Glassware Rentals Turn Your Event Into A Sophisticated Affair!

Even though you may have selected glassware for your next event, you also will need to make decisions about the glassware for your next dinner event.

You will find a wide selection of glassware available to meet your needs. While selecting the glassware rental, consider the following facts:

Functioning of glassware:

Glassware is not only intended for drinking. Glassware can help to hold any kind of food from appetizers to desserts. Also, you can use glassware rental as an innovative dish riser and also as a part of candle or floral centerpiece.

Type of glassware:

Party glassware rental depends on the type of beverage you are going to serve. Your rental store will offer you various types of glassware. If it is a wedding reception, you can rent wine glasses, water goblets, Irish coffee mugs, sorbet cups, punch cups and more.

If you want to consider glassware rental for bar set up, you can consider renting brandy snifters, beer mugs, martini glasses, pilsners, double old-fashioned glasses, etc. for wedding events, you can also consider renting champagne flutes for toasting the bride and groom.

Design of the glassware:

While renting the glassware, you should consider the style of the glassware that compliments your overall tabletop, including, flatware, chinaware, centerpiece and linens. If you want your event look something unique, you can even consider renting colored or colored-stem glasses.

Size of the glassware:

Glasses like shot glasses and double old fashioned glasses come in standard sizes like 1-ounce and 10 ounce. When you use glasses of different sizes, it can give dimension to the table top.

Quality of the glassware:

Search for rental stores that offer attractive and durable glassware. You can also consider renting high end crystal glassware.

Rental glassware is not all look similar. They come in so many shapes and styles. Choose the glassware that brings out the aroma and flavor of any kind of beverage.

Here are some common glasses that you may consider renting for table or bar service at your special event:

  • Highball glass: You can rent these tall and narrow glasses to serve mixed drinks, such as liquor and water or liquor and carbonated beverages like rum or coke.
  • Double old-fashioned glasses: They also known as lowball or rocks glasses. These glassware rentals help to serve some kind of cocktails, such as straight liquor over ice.
  • Lowball glasses: They look similar to double old-fashioned glasses.
  • Champagne flute: Rent these tall and slender glasses to serve champagne toast for the bride and groom at wedding events. These glasses have narrow top.
  • Margarita glass: It is wide rimmed bowl useful to serve margaritas and other frozen, alcoholic beverages.
  • Brandy sniffer: It has a short stem and looks like a large bowl that narrows towards the top. Rent these glasses to serve brandy. The stem height of the glass promotes cradling the glass in one’s hand instead of holding it by the stem. The narrow opening of the glass directs the aroma of the brandy toward your nose when you drink.
  • Sherry glass: Also known as port glass. These are small, stemmed glasses used to serve dessert wines, like port and sherry and also liqueurs and aperitifs.
  • Port glass: It is similar to sherry glass.
  • Rocks glass: It looks similar to double old-fashioned glass.
  • Wineglasses: These are good to rent for serving wines such as, red wine, white wine, burgundy and Bordeaux.
    • Red wine glass: This glass has a large, round bowl that permits the wine a chance to breathe and allows the fragrance of the wine to reach your nose.
    • White wine glass: Bowl of this glass is rounder than champagne flute, but not as round as red wine glass. It has narrow bowl that keeps white wine to stay chilled for longer time.
    • Burgundy wine glass: Used to serve burgundy and also some light-bodied red wines. The design of this glass allows the wine to reach tip of your tongue.
    • Bordeaux wine glass: Along with Bordeaux, this glass can also be used to serve full-bodied red wines. It has tall and slightly curved style that helps to direct the wine to the back of the mouth.

For more information on rental products and services, contact your local rental store.