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Wedding Rental Tips

Tips on Wedding Event Equipment Rentals and Supplies

Wedding is one of the most highly anticipated events, not only for the bride and groom, but also for everyone involved in the celebration. It is possible only by considering wedding party equipment rentals. Wedding supplies provide you everything that you need for your wedding.

Depending on your wedding venue, you need to supply some items needed to host your wedding event and serve your guests. While wanting to make your big day a spectacular event, you have to consider choosing wedding supplies according to the type of wedding you are planning as well as to the theme you want to show off. Here is your ultimate guide for wedding checklist:

Before going to rent wedding equipment, be sure that you visit the wedding venue to know which wedding rentals you must provide.

Wedding equipment rentals checklist:

Wedding arch:

The wedding arch is one thing that is the most important part of the wedding decorations. You will find many types of wedding arches which you can use to decorate the wedding.

Two main considerations to be taken into account while deciding the wedding decorations are that whether the wedding is indoors or outdoors and the other consideration is that what the theme of the wedding is. The most common type of wedding arches is arches which are made up of bamboo.

Wedding flower baskets:

Renting flower baskets can even enhance the style of your wedding. Choose flowers that can complement with your wedding style.


Renting wedding tables are one of the important items that you should consider. There are various kinds of table, which you are going to consider. They include:

Guest tables: You can consider renting guest tables depending on how many people you are going to arrange at each table. Here is an idea about table size and number of guests:

Table Size Number Of Guests
36-inch round table 4-6 guests
48-inch round table 6-8 guests
60-inch round table 8-10 guests
6 ft rectangular table 8 guests

Cake table: The size of the cake table you are going to rent will depend upon the size of the cake. Usually, 48-inch round table works well.

Buffet table: If you are going to arrange buffet, you need to arrange several food stations.

Gift table: The size of the gift table depends upon the number of guests you are expecting at your event.

Wedding Chairs:

Number of chairs to rent will depend on the number of guests who are going to attend your big event. If you are planning for a seated dinner or buffet, then you need to consider renting more chairs.

You can also consider wedding table linen rentals for decorating the tables and chairs. Ask your rental provider about the linen colors that match with your wedding theme. Consider renting high chairs for children.

You can choose from plastic or wood and folding or non-folding, and we carry the elegant and ever-popular Chivari. Make your wedding chairs complete with chair covers.

You can enhance the feel of your special occasion with our Classe’s quality rental products:

  • Stylish chair covers
  • Massive varieties of colored sashes
  • Drapes of several fabrics matching to the sashes
  • Table linens of several colors
  • Decoration rentals, such as: flower vases, lanterns and lights
Wedding tents:

Considering wedding party tent rentals is important when you are planning an outdoor wedding. Rental stores offer you a wide selection of clean, well-maintained tents in a variety of types and sizes such as: party canopy, pop-up canopy, frame tent, tension tent and pole tent.

While tents provide a cozy and personal touch to the whole outdoor wedding décor, they also shield you and your guests from unfavorable weather conditions. When renting a tent, be sure the tented area does not have utility lines under it. Classe party can even rent you sidewalls, liners, heaters and more to make your tent environment just what you’re imagining.

Consider renting a tent that is little bit larger in which your guests can be comfortably seated. Consider color of the tent that is matching with your wedding theme. Traditional color is white, but you can also choose a wide variety and combinations, based on the mood and theme of your wedding.

Wedding table linen and chair covers:

You will get linens and chair covers along with the table and chair rentals. So, ask your rental provider whether they will provide these or not.

Wedding tableware:

Ask at your rental store about various styles of tableware. You can either choose flatware or silverware. Renting silverware sets can definitely become the focal point. You can also consider renting china that makes your wedding even more elegant.

Dance floors:

Everyone can enjoy dancing. The size of the dance floor will depend how many guests you are going to invite. They can range from 12 by 12 feet up to 20 by 30 feet or larger.